• Media Center Rules


    The 4 R’s

    • Read, Read, Read!!!

    – that’s why we’re here

    • Return

    – bring materials back on time so others can use them too

    • Respect

    – materials and others

    • Responsibility

    – take good care of materials and keep track of them




    Rules for check-out time:

    • Walking only.
    • Be quiet and considerate of others.
    • Use a shelf marker to mark your place.
    • When in doubt, don’t put it back! Put it on the top of the shelf or in the return slot!



    Circulation Policies

    Materials Checkout :


    • All students are allowed 2 items to be checked out. 
    • Books may be renewed, but students must have the actual book in hand to renew it.
    • If  one book is overdue, the student will only be allowed to check out one book until the overdue is returned
    • Once an item has been overdue for more than a month, an overdue notice is mailed home and the student may not be allowed to check out materials until overdue items have been paid for or returned.
    • Students who have lost several items may have their check out privileges restricted. Teachers may also choose to limit student check out privileges.