• What do we do in 7th grade?
    7th grade Engineering & Technology Education is a class in which students are given the opportunity to explore numerous different aspects of technology. Although a handful of our projects are wood projects, I do not see my class as wood shop. My students get the opportunity to touch on topics in Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Communication, Transportation, as well as Design which all lead up to my 8th grade classes if they choose to take either Gateway to Technology or Engineering & Technology Education. I like to think that I turn my students into problem solvers since nearly every project/assignment I have them complete they are required to come up with the best possible solution to a given problem. Due to time constraints, 7th grade does not get the chance to complete quite as many projects as my 8th graders. I do make sure though the projects they complete are not only educational, but also fun for the students. If your son or daughter has enjoyed 7th grade technology, I know they will enjoy my 8th grade class.  My hope for my students is that when they leave my class they have a much better knowledge and understanding about technology in general and why it is so important to our society. Also, that they wish they were still in technology class so they will take it again for half the year as an 8th grader! If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me through email or phone here at school.
    If you are interested in what your son or daughter are currently working on in class and you have an Instagram account, please feel free to add me at mrfalk_tech
    I regularly post pictures up of what my students are working on during class time. This is also a quick and easy way for both parents and students to see if there are homework assignments.
  • Current Topic of Discussion in Mr. Falk's Class - 9/3/13
    Now that students are finished with their wood letter signs, we have moved from the Manufacturing Lab to the Computer Lab. Students have now started their next project which is their balsa wood bridges. They have been working on the computers using a bridge building program to design and test different types of bridges before the actually get the chance to build them in small groups. (If students are interested, West Point Bridge Builder is a free program to download through Google) During this project, we will be discussing different types of material properties, as well as what types of forces can have an affect a bridges design (compression, tension, torsion, etc.). Students will be completing both a design brief packet and the project itself throughout the next week or so. There should not be any homework during this time unless anyone happens to get behind. Please check back periodically as I plan to post pictures to my classroom website, as well as my Instagram account to keep parents in the loop of what we are working on.
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  • Current Topic of Discussion in Mr. Falk's Class - 8/15/13
    After discussing our "Nature of Technology" powerpoint, students completed a short writing assignment as well as had their first quiz. Students then were required to complete a technology assessment in the computer lab on their choice of technology. This was an assignment that made sure they could research topics using the web.
    All 7th grade students are now working on their first project, which is the wood letter signs we complete each year. Each student will get the opportunity to use our miter saw, recipricating saw, and band saws for this particular project. Students should have them completed by the end of next week. If students would like their projects to be painted a particular color, they will be required to get their own spray paint for this project as I am limited to what we currently have.
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