• What do we do in 8th grade?
    8th grade Engineering & Technology Education is a class in which students are given the opportunity to explore numerous different aspects of technology. Although a handful of our projects are wood projects, I do not see my class as wood shop. My students get the opportunity to touch on topics in Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Communication, Transportation, as well as Design. I like to think that I turn my students into problem solvers since nearly every project/assignment I have them complete they are required to come up with the best possible solution to a given problem. Since the 8th grade class is an 18 week course, we are given plenty of time to do many different and exciting projects, which are not only educational, but also fun for all my students. My hope for my students is that when they leave my class they have a much better knowledge and understanding about technology in general and why it is so important to our society. During the 18 weeks, I also know my students gain a much better understanding of how to use different tools and machines if they were not 100% sure from 7th grade. I am excited to see so many of my students I had last year back again for my class and I hope they are as excited for the 18 weeks as I am. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me through email or phone here at school.
    If you are interested in what your son or daughter are currently working on in class and you have an Instagram account, please feel free to add me at mrfalk_tech
    I regularly post pictures up of what my students are working on during class time. This is also a quick and easy way for both parents and students to see if there are homework assignments.
  • Current Topic of Discussion in Mr. Falk's Class - 9/3/13
    Over the past week and a half, students have been working on their air dragsters, which are now all finished up! They are in the process of being graded in hopes to have them back to students by the end of the week. The past few days we have been in the computer lab working on AutoCAD drawings since we were not able to previously with the computer issues we were having in the lab. Now that everything is back on track, we will continue working on AutoCAD till Thursday when we will begin our next project. The plan for the next big topic is renewable energy. Students will be required to develop their own renewable energy in small groups. This is a difficult assignment, but also a very neat assignment that I believe students learn a lot from throughout the duration of the unit/project. Please check back over the next week as I hope to have up pictures of students working when we start on the project itself.
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  • Current Topic of Discussion in Mr. Falk's Class - 8/15/13
    Students in my 8th grade technology classes have been working on a few different assignments. Students were introduced to the topic of drafting and design last week where they completed a blueprint drawing by hand, as well as worked on drawing numerous different objects in both 2D and 3D. The plan was to have them working with AutoCAD this week, but found out this was not going to be possible for another week with problems arising with our software. A new topic and project will be introduced over the next few days and a new project will begin next Monday. Please check back next week to see what project students will be working on!
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  • Using Dropbox to Add Assignments
    To add classroom assignments to Mr. Falk's dropbox, please visit the following website:
    Email address: amsntechnologyed@gmail.com 
    Password: was given to you in class
    Once logged in, please select the correct class folder and submit your assignment.
    Please be sure to have your file saved as your name + name of the assignment
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