I am looking forward to our first day of school and to meeting all of my new science students. As I spend this week getting our classroom ready, there are a few things you can be doing to get ready as well.

    1.Check out our list of school supplies. You will need these the first week of school, so get out there and get them!



       Pens- black or blue

       Pencils- 10-12 (to be turned in)


    2.Get into a routine. Like you, I have enjoyed late nights and sleeping in this summer. That first day of school is going to be tough if you don't start transitioning back into a routine. Start setting your alarm a little earlier each day and head to bed a few minutes earlier each night.

    3.Start planning your extracurricular activities. What groups, sports, or organizations do you want to be a part of this year? Plan early so you can be sure to get physicals, applications and fees in on time.



    Zoology will focus on learning about the various organisms, both invertebrates and vertebrates, in our world. We will be expanding our scientific vocabulary as well as completing dissections of various orgaisms throughout the semester.
    We will use a variety of methods to study these areas of science including laboratory work, cooperative assignments and projects, research, writing, videos, and computer technology. 
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