•  Daily Car Rider Procedures

    The goal of our daily car rider procedures is to ensure safety of all children and families during arrival and dismissal. Different seasons require different precautions, and we will proactively communicate when and if anything changes our procedures below.  

    Arrival & Dismissal

    We use door 14, or the kindergarten roundabout, to safely unload our River Birch learners onto the sidewalk to enter the building.  When you arrive in our parking lot, continue toward door 14 and begin the line to drop off and pick up.  


    *Always unload your child onto the sidewalk, which means they need to exit and enter the passenger side of your car, truck, or SUV.  You may need to move car seats around to ensure this is possible.  

    *For your safety, never get out of your car.  The teachers on duty will assist your child into the passenger side of your car when needed.  

    *We are unable to allow children to enter your vehicle on the driver side.  

    *Post your car tag number on your passenger side visor to allow the teachers on duty to see your number quickly.  This will increase the efficiency of our line.   

    *Help your child memorize your car tag number - this really helps those on duty.

    There may be some afternoons you are in a rush to get to practice or piano lessons, if this is the case we recommend you park in the main parking lot and pick up your student inside.  You'll find us in the kindergarten hallway.  Make sure you bring your ID!