• AEF Annual Sponsors commit to support creativity, innovation and excellence in Avon Schools on an ongoing annual basis. 

     This support allows AEF to fund Staff Scholarships, Building Grants and Special Programs year after year.

    Join us in thanking our Annual Sponsors today!

2018 Annual Sponsors
  • Our Annual Sponsors provide revenue that allows AEF to offer Building Grants, Grade-Level Staff Scholarships and Single Staff Scholarships at each of our 12 Avon Schools.


    Each Gold Sponsorship fully funds a Building Grant at $5000.

    Each Silver Sponsorship fully funds a Grade/Department Level Staff Scholarship at $2500.

    Each Bronze Sponsorship fully funds a Single Staff Scholarship at $1500.


    AEF is in need of:

    12 x Gold Sponsors ($5000 annual commitment) to provide one Building Grant in each Avon School.

    12 x Silver Sponsors ($2500 annual commitment) to provide one Grade/Department Level Staff Scholarship in each Avon School.

    24 x Bronze Sponsors ($1500 annual commitment) to provide two Single Staff Scholarships in each Avon School.


    For more information or to become an AEF Annual Sponsor, contact the AEF SPONSORSHIPS COMMITTEE