• "The real beauty of Twitter...is that you are taken to places you didn’t know you even needed to explore."
    ~ From my 2009 article on Twitter as a PLC - still rings true to me in 2013!



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    Resources to Learn More about Twitter:
    1. William M. Ferriter's article in ASCD, Digitally Speaking / Why Teachers Should Try Twitter --> Conversational tone will help newbies feel comfortable getting started.

    2. Twitter Cheat Sheet from Indiana's Kimberly Tyson -->  Organized chart helps us get right to it!

    3. Find Your Thing on TeachThought --> I love this site and just want to take you there. After reading this short but motivating article, click on the TeachThought banner to go to the homepage and prepare to be blown away.

    4. Comprehensive Twitter data from the Pew Research Center.

    5. Shameless self-promotion: I believe my 2009 article called Twitter as a Professional Learning Community is relevant today.

    6. Heard on NPR Thursday morning: On Its 7th Birthday, Is Twitter Still The 'Free Speech Party'7.
       7. Seven Years, Seven Lives Changed by Twitter - found Thursday on CNN.  cake

    Cynthia Alaniz's (@utalaniz) "twitter modes" in a handy TWEETS acronym, via EdSurge, via Dr. Janet Boyle:

    • TOSS AROUND new projects, ideas, lesson plans, and approaches (Idea Sharing)
    • WEIGH opinions and points of view around critical topics (Thought-establishing)
    • EVALUATE work approaches to instruction and administration (Notes-comparing)
    • EXCHANGE personal experiences to build rapport (Conversation)
    • TRIGGER bold actions and professional improvement (Inspiration-giving)
    • SEEK professional advice around teaching and learning (Q&A)