• Summer 2016 Information 



    Not only does this packet include the practice problems that were distributed to each of you last May, but it also includes several examples of each problem within the Topics (A-U).
    If you have misplaced your packet, you may want to print the one below instead to save paper as this document is nearly 50 pages long.
    Summer Review Practice Packet
    This is a copy of the Summer Packet with only the practice problems.  This is what you were given last May.  Topics A through U.
     If you lost your Summer Packet and need to print it out again from the above line, please attach this page to the front as well.
    Welcome Letter
    This is a copy of the welcome letter you received last May.
    This is a copy of the information sheet concerning the TI-Nspire CX CAS graphing calculator you received last May.
    This video will help you if you're struggling solving equations or inequalities containing an absolute value symbols.
    Depending upon how active your questions to me (via email) are over the summer, I may post more videos to assist you.  Check back often.