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2021 Demographic Study

February 2021 Demographics update

Avon Schools: Here we grow!

Enrollment growth projections always present challenges for school corporations. However, as districts all over the Indiana struggle with declining enrollment, the Avon community and Avon Schools continue to be a place that more families want to call home. 

Susan Brudvig, PhD, previously compiled comprehensive demographic reports for ACSC in 2015 and 2018. At the Board of School Trustees meeting on February 8, 2021, Dr. Brudvig presented updated findings and projections. You can watch video of her presentation, view her slide deck, and get more information below.  

We are grateful for Dr. Brudvig's work. Her insights are helping us plan for a future that supports enrollment projections and continued excellence in Avon Schools.

The major findings from Dr. Brudvig's report are:

  • In Avon/Washington Township, housing permits are the highest they have been since 2006, while births have remained steady. 
  • Total K-12 enrollment base forecast is projected to increase 2,011 students in the next 10 years (2020-21 K-12 enrollment = 9,899 students; 2030-31 base forecast K-12 enrollment = 11,910 students). 
  • Growth at Avon High School has trended above the high forecast from the 2018 demographic study. The updated base forecast projects total AHS enrollment will increase 891 students in the next 10 years (2020-21 AHS enrollment = 3,269 students; 2030-31 base forecast AHS enrollment = 4,160 students). In the new base forecast, AHS is projected to reach 4,000 students in the 2028-29 school year. 


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