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New School Year Guide 2021-22

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Superintendent Scott Wyndham

Scott Wyndham, Ed.D.


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First day July 29, 2021

A Message from the Superintendent

We've made it to the 2021-22 school year! When we look back, I hope we'll get to say this was the first "normal" school year after the COVID-19 pandemic, the year we got to return to all we know and love about school. I couldn't be more excited for what this year has in store for all of us. 

'All' is an important word here in Avon. It's a word we use frequently:

  • How can we be sure all our students are learning and growing?
  • Are all educators and support staff fully engaged in our mission?
  • How can we enlist the active participation of all our students' parents and caregivers?
  • What more can we do to create an environment in our schools where all feel welcome and included?

In fact, we've adopted a new mission statement here in Avon Schools: all belong, learn, and grow. This short, simple phrase is a new way of expressing our long-term and ongoing commitment to ensure our destination is clear and our efforts are united. 

Will you partner with us in the coming months, joining our 10,000 students, 1,400 employees, and countless community partners in making sure this is our best school year yet? Thank you for your active participation and support.


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Scott Wyndham, Ed.D.

P.S. We've assembled the information and resources on this page for you. So, keep scrolling! 

Must-Have Tech Tools for Parents & Caregivers

School Supply Lists

Students in each of the following grades will need the supplies listed here. Please note: Teachers may ask for specific items as needed throughout the school year.  If you have questions, please contact your child's school.

Registration & Transportation

Nutrition, Health & Wellness

School Breakfast & Lunch

students eating lunch in school cafeteria

Based on the exceptional circumstances of the COVID-19 public health emergency, the USDA's Food and Nutrition Service extended the offering of assistance to hard-hit families by providing free school breakfasts and lunches to students across the nation. 

For more information, to view menus, or to ask questions, please visit our Food Services webpage. You can also download this handy Food Services Back-To-School Guide.

Back-To-School Guide

Mental Wellness

In Avon Schools, we are committed to educating the whole child. In order for students to learn, they must feel physically safe, emotionally regulated, and ready to interact socially with fellow students and their educators. 

Our team of highly trained counselors and social workers are on-hand at each of our 12 schools. In addition to being another friendly face and helping hand, they focus on helping students build core competencies in self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relational skills, and responsible decision making. Learn more on our Mental Wellness webpage.

School Nurses

school nurse and student

Our school clinics are operated in partnership with Hendricks Regional Health and staffed by dedicated nursing professionals. 

If your student requires medical attention during the school year, they'll receive expert care. In order to provide excellent care to your child, we use an online service called SchoolCare. This tool enables you to log immunization information, physical exam results, and information about medical information. The website and mobile applications store your child's health information securely and in compliance with HIPAA and FERPA regulations.

Visit our School Nursing webpage for more information.

Immunization Requirements

indiana department of health logo

In accordance with requirements from the Indiana Department of Health, all immunization or exemption documents (if applicable) must be completed within 20 days from the start of school. Students without appropriate documentation will be excluded from school. 

Please visit the Indiana Department of Health's website for current immunization requirements. 

COVID-19 Safety

This school year is getting underway during what we all hope are the final months of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we learned during the previous school year, our concerted effort to wear masks, social distance when possible, and practice regular handwashing kept the number of positive cases and quarantines at a low level. This year, thanks in large part to the wide availability of vaccinations, we believe case counts and quarantines will be minimal. Nevertheless, we still want to take care of one another. The health and safety of students and staff is too important to fully let down our guard. 

This year, the Avon Board of School Trustees have established these guidelines: 

  • Face coverings are recommended for students, educators, and staff who have not been vaccinated. 
  • Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms must remain at home until they have been symptom-free for 24 hours.
  • Students and staff members who test positive for COVID-19 must report results and follow quarantine guidelines.
  • We will track close contacts, report close contacts to the state, and follow the respective guidelines for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.  

We respect each parent/guardian's right to make medical decisions in the best interests of their children. If you'd like more information about vaccines, this vaccine information sheet is a helpful resource. 

2021-22 COVID-19 Protocols

Fees and Payment