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Elementary (Grades K-4)

elementary age students
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Our elementary program provides instruction with emphasis in Reading, Mathematics, English, Spelling, Writing, Science/Health, and Social Studies. Each of our six elementary school has instruction in Art, Music, STEM, and Physical Education, and the staff is supported by access to a Media Center. Elementary counselors provide additional services for staff and students. Each elementary school also has services for students with special needs. All elementary students are provided with interactive environments that contain a number of innovative approaches proven to enhance learning. 

Academic Areas

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685 S. Avon Avenue
Avon, IN 46123 
p: (317) 544-6200
f: (317) 544-6201

Hickory Elementary

907 S. Avon Avenue
Avon, IN 46123

p: (317) 544-6300
f: (317) 544-6301

Maple Elementary

7237 East U.S. Highway 36
Avon, IN 46123

p: (317) 544-6400
f: (317) 544-6401

Pine Tree Elementary

7866 E. County Road 100 S.
Avon, IN 46123

p: (317) 544-6500
f: (317) 544-6501

River Birch Elementary

5456 E. County Road 75 N.
Avon, IN 46123

p: (317) 544-6800
f: (317) 544-6801

Sycamore Elementary

7878 E. County Road 100 N.
Avon, IN 46123

p: (317) 544-6600
f: (317) 544-6601