K-1 Reading and Math Online Games Aligned to MAP for Primary Grades Goal Strands

Foundational Skills and Vocabulary Use and Functions

Alphabet and
Letter Recognition Activities

Rhyming Words

PBS rhyming games just right for primary learners

         Rhyme Time Bingo

Another great game by PBS

Phonics Activities


synonym and antonym practice

dictionary and reference tool use

Information and Literature Text (Fiction and Nonfiction Text)

Fiction and
Non-Fiction Online

  • Bookadventure
    Visit Bookadventure for reading comprehension quizzes on common books
  • Your Big Backyard
    The Big Backyard website provides excellent fiction and non-fiction reading for kids who love nature, geography, and science!
  • Scholastic's Book Central
    Rate books, read reviews, answer questions, share opinions on message boards, and more at Book Central.

Literal Comprehension

  • BookAdventure.com
    Students can read their favorite books and then login to BookAdventure to take quizzes on what theyíve read. This site has resources for parents, teachers, and kids!


Interpretive Comprehension


  • Scrambled Stories
    This site includes a collection of scrambled fairy tales and children's stories for students to read online. (Students should be able to identify the author's lesson, theme or message in fairy tales)

Language and Writing

Stages of the Writing Process

  • Writing Fix for Kids
    Students practice word work, sentence structure, and additional writing skills
  • ABC's of the Writing Process
    Students can click on each of the stages of the writing process for instruction and ideas
  • 6 Traits Writing
    Students can see descriptions, rubrics, and examples of each of the Six Traits of writing


Publishing Writing

  • KidsCom
    Students can write, submit stories, and evaluate other studentsí stories at KidsCom.



Grade Specific Language Arts Resource Pages


First Grade


Numbers and Operations in Base Ten

Number Recognition and Counting Skills

Place Value

  • Interactive Base 10 Blocks Choose the base 10 template and students can complete a number of activities to build their understanding of place value

Addition and Subtraction

  • Paint Brush Math
    Practice simple addition with these paint by "adding numbers" pictures
  • Learning Planet: Spacey Math
    Spacey Math is a great way to practice your addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.
  • KPBS Math Practice
    Practice math concepts for grades k-2 on this PBS site
  • Kids' Numbers.com
    Practice addition and subtraction free at this site
  • Math Magician Games
    This is like using virtual flashcards for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students donít receive corrected answers if they miss one however.
  • Max's Math Adventures
    Help Max and Ruth solve all types of K-1 math problems
  • Cool Math 4 Kids
    This link has brightly colored, fun math lessons and practice games for most elementary math concepts.
  • Fun School Kaboose
    Students can practice multiple math skills at this fun site
  • I Know That: Movie Math Practice
    Watch fun animated math movies. You have to solve problems so your character can reach the goal.
  • JayZeeBear
    Help JayZeeBear solve addition and subtraction math problems
  • EdHelper.com
    Practice math for kindergarten and first grade at the EDHelper site.


Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Sorting Shapes and Classifying Objects

Solving for the unknown variable

Measurement and Data


Telling Time


Problem Solving


Geometric Shapes

  • Shape Racer
    Practice shape recognition
  • BBC ReviseWise Math for measurement, shapes, and angles
    Practice working with measurement, shapes, and angles

Construct Shapes

Match shapes and learn about symmetry

         Identify Shapes (K)

Identify shapes with audio

         Solid Figures Identification (K)

Solid figure identification with audio

         Every Day Shapes (1)

         Solid and Plane Figures (1)

Relates solid and planar figures



Grade Specific Math Concept Instruction

Specifically Kindergarten Math Topics

Specifically 1st Grade Math Topics