Good luck to all the 8th graders!!  Hope to see you running XC in high school!!  And hope to see the 7th graders return next season!! Thank you for an amazing season!!  See you in 2019!!
    Cross Country courses can be found in the document section if interested in looking that up before we race.
    Only the top 7 runners from both squads will race at County and the top 7-10 will race in the Varsity race at conference. All others will run in an open or JV race. Runners earn their spots based on times, but factors such as work ethic, positive attitude and mental toughness are keys to that success.
    We will only travel with the smaller roster to those meets, but we highly encourage other runners to attend on their own and cheer on their teammates..
    Starting August 6th, our schedule will be as follows:
    M, Th, Fr at Washington Township Park from 4-5:30
    T and W after school til 4:30pm
    Please work on carpools if this schedule conflicts with other activities.  Missing practice due to no ride is NOT a valid excuse for missing.
    Cross Country- General Info (updated 5/13/18)
    Middle School Coaches:
    Kettie Mothersead    (xcmomkettie@gmail.com  or 317 523 5840)
    Kim Winzentsen    (kmwinzentsen@avon-schools.org)
    Thank you for your interest in Middle School Cross Country!! This will be a very rewarding experience for your son/daughter and we hope they will benefit from all aspects of participating in a school sport..
    First of all, please sign up for our remind messages.. This is how we will communicate with you for anything this season.. Changes, cancellations, early end to practices etc.  Please text @amsnxc2018 to 81010 .. If you do not have a smart phone or prefer email communication, rmd.at/amsnxc2018
    We will start OPTIONAL (but highly encouraged) summer conditioning the second week of July.. We will meet two days a week to begin with and depending on how the summer goes, we will add more days as we get close to the end of summer.. Tues and Thurs evenings at 6pm at Washington Township Park, near the big sledding hill!!
    Before any conditioning or season practice can be done, ALL documents must be completed on line.. Please go to the main sports webpage and follow the prompts.. You will need a physical completed by a Doc and then submit that online as well.. Any questions, please reach out to me or the school..
    Come to practice ready to run.. Pay attention to the weather.. Dress appropriately!!  Bring water in a reusable bottle, NO PLASTIC DISPOSABLE BOTTLES PLEASE!!  The first few weeks of practice are always tough.. The more time the kids spend on their feet, the better off they will be in the season..  10 week season goes by really quickly when they get injured.. 
    Please make sure the kids have a good pair of running shoes to start the season..  Injuries happen all too quickly and bad shoes are usually a main culprit.. The Runners Forum is a great place to start as they find a shoe that fits your foot.. And let them know you will be running for the school and there will be a discount.. Tell them Kettie sent you!!  :) 
    Things to think about:
       -We will need parent volunteers during the season to help with snack stuff!!  If that doesn't happen, we will have the kids bring their own snacks for after races..
      - Since we race on the campus now, we will only need a few volunteers at the home meets for timing, sticks and name writing.. We coaches prefer to coach the kids and not have to worry about this detail.. Thanks in advance!!
       - The kids will need a pair of BLACK shorts to race in.. We will loan them a singlet, that will be returned at year end, but the shorts will be theirs.. Please no wild colorful stripes, just looking for solid black.
       -  Kids will stay after school for all away meets. We will then travel together to the meets.  The kids go home after school for home meets and report back to the school at the assigned time.
       - Carpools are huge with after school sports.. Please start working on those immediately.. We can help solicit to the group, but practice is mandatory (yes, there are exceptions) and not getting a ride is not a valid excuse for missing.. 
       - Expectations will be reviewed with the kids, but a copy of that will be updated on the website.. Please review so there are no surprises.
       - There will also be grade checks at the end of the August and September.. Being a fall sport, let's keep the grades in check so we don't have to dismiss you from the team..  GRADES COME FIRST, THEN SPORTS!!!  Sorry, I'm a mom too!!! 
       - There will be two Saturday requirements!!  Sep 15 and Sep 22.  All athletes will go to the meet on the 15th, only the top 10-12 will go to conference..
    I'm sure there are more things I have forgotten about, but this is a good start...  As always, any questions, please text (let me know who you are), email or call!! 
    Looking forward to the summer!!
    Coach Kettie and Coach Win