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    AMSN Boys Basketball

    Update 9/24: There will be an open gym on Monday October 26th for any 7th or 8th grade boy interested in trying out. THIS IS NOT MANDATORY, but you must have updated physical on PRIVIT in order to participate. TRYOUTS WILL BEGIN ON TUESDAY OCT 27 after school. Daily updates will be given after that. Please see Coach Falk (7th) or Coach Qadri (8th) if you have any questions. 

    For athletes to be able to particpate in the 20-21 season, they must be at school in-person. If students are E-Learning from home, they will not be allowed to tryout for the team.  





    $25 for first sport athletes (didn’t play in fall)

    $50 for program support fee

    $30 practice pack (practice jersey/shooting shirt)



    2020-2021 IHSAA Physical Information:

    New for the 2017-2018 school year ACSC is moving to a completely paperless clearance process.  The new process includes a paperless IHSAA Pre-Participation Physical. A parent/guardian and student-athlete will be required to create an account and manage the necessary documents using the Privit Portal. This process will provide a higher level of security and efficiency than the previous process.  This process will be for everyone including those coming to ACSC Physical Night and those students who are going another place to get sports physical. Detailed instructions to complete the new process are on the Avon High School Athletic Department Website: http://www.avon-schools.org/domain/4103

    ***Physicals will only be accepted using PRIVIT, you do not need to give a copy to a coach or director.***

    Welcome to Privit Profile!

    This document provides instructions to complete the athletic forms. The information can be completed on your mobile device, laptop, tablet or any device connected to the internet.


    Steps to complete the athletic forms within Privit Profile™:

    1. Register with one parent’s/guardian’s name here: avonorioles-in.e-ppe.com
    2. Add athlete(s) to your account by selecting Add Member.
    3. Complete all athletic forms and apply parent/guardian and athlete e-signatures:
    • Personal Details (Complete to 100%)
    • Pre-Participation History (Parent/Guardian and Athlete e-signature required)
    • Consent and Release (Parent/Guardian and Athlete e-signature required)
    • Concussion and SCA (Parent/Guardian and Athlete e-signature required)
    • Parental Consent (Parent/Guardian e-signature only)


    1. Apply parent/guardian and athlete electronic signatures
    2. Join Appropriate Team(s)
    3. Print Blank Physical and Pre-Participation History Form for athlete’s physical
    4. Upload Completed Physical form

    Once the required information has been completed and e-signatures have been applied to the necessary forms, the signed document will become available automatically for the appropriate staff member for review and approval. Also the Completion Status will read as “Submission Complete”. If the status reads “Submission Incomplete”, hover your cursor to see what still needs to be completed. A staff member at the school will update the Clearance Status, the status is not automatically updated.

    If you need assistance with Privit Profile™, please contact the Help Center at 844-234-4357 or visit www.support.privit.com.


    This applies to both 7th and 8th grade!