• Tony Record

    Anthony Record
    email: ajrecord@avon-schools.org
    Phone:  544-5000 Extension 5355
    Subject/Grade:   AP Calculus AB ACE, 
                                AP Calculus BC ACE


    Tony Record is entering his 31st year of teaching -- all at Avon High School.  His main focus has been on Calculus for the past 27 years, and in particular Advanced Placement Calculus since 1999.  While at AHS, Tony has played a pivotal role in developing the Discrete Mathematics and SAT Prep curriculum that has been taught in the school. 

    In 2010, Tony was named Teacher of the Year for both Avon High School and the Avon Community School Corporation. Recently, Tony was named a finalist for the 2011 Indiana State Teacher of the Year Award and during the 2011-2012 school year was honored to be named an Indiana University Armstrong Educator Fellow.  Mr. Record's students were recently crowned the I.U.P.U.I. Mathematics Contest State Champions for the fourth in April 2020.  In the Spring of 2015, AHS's AP Calculus class was crowned National Co-Champions of the Continental Mathematics League - Calculus Division and repeated that feat in both 2016 and 2017.
    Tony is an avid proponent of using technology in the classroom to assist instruction and is proficient with both Smartboard and Texas Instruments TI-Nspire graphing calculator technology and is passionate about sharing this love of technology integration to teachers all over the country.  Tony is a Regional T^3 Instructor with Texas Instruments and works as a College Board Workshop Consultant.  He is also a reader for the AP Calculus Exam. Additionally, he has done some freelance work for Baltimore, MD based Words & Numbers writing and updating calculator activities for the Texas Instruments  line of graphing calculators and is a contributor to the Chicago-based "Get-A-Five"  and "Albert.io" (formerly "Learnerator.com" now "albertio.com") web sites which provide on-line preparation for students taking Advanced Placement exams as well as college entrance exams across the globe. iN 2017, Tony was contracted by KIPP National Charler Schools to author their AP Calculus curriculum. 
    One of the things Tony enjoys most is the opportunity to travel not only the state of Indiana but to other schools in other states and work with AP Calculus teachers and students as part of the National Math & Science Initiative AP TIP (Advanced Placement Teacher Incentive Program) program as well as through the College Board.  Tony is also a nationally certified Teacher Trainer in NMSI's innovative Laying the Foundation curricula as well its Advanced Placement Calculus training and conducts teacher workshops in school corporations nationwide.
    In January of 2016, Tony was awarded a Lilly Creativity Grant which will allow him to travel to Europe to investigate the origins of calculus during the Summer of 2016.  This grant allowed he and his family to visit London, England to research the life of Sir Isaac Newton and then to Paris, France to investigate German mathematician, Wilhelm Gottfried Leibniz's contributions to calculus in the late 1660's during his visit to the city.
    Tony has been quite active on the professional conference front and has many presentations to his credit.  The most recent ones are listed  below.
    Tony lives in Avon with his wife, Dolores, and son, Braeden (15) and daughter, Makayla (13).  When he's away from the classroom, he enjoys spending time with his children, playing tennis, watching movies and documentaries of the Renaissance period in Europe, playing the guitar and performing with the Hendricks Civic Theatre.
    Recent Talks
    March 2019 - T^3 International Conference (Teachers Teaching with Technology) - Baltimore, MD  "Effective Assessment in the AP Calculus Classroom" 

    March 2017 - T^3 International Conference (Teachers Teaching with Technology) - San Antonio, TX  "My Favorite Classroom Activities for the AB/BC Classroom Using TI-Nspire Technology"  


    November 2017 - Propel Education Systems - Houton Area Teacher Training, Houston, TX  "Enhancing the Pre-AP  Calculus and Statistics Mathematics Classroom"


    February 2016 - T^3 International Conference (Teachers Teaching with Technology) - Orlando, FL


    "'Take It to the Limit...One More Time' - Engaging Classroom Problems for the AP Calculus                                      AB/BC Classroom Using TI-Nspire/TI-84 Technology"  

    October 2015 - ICTM State Conference - Indianapolis, IN    "The AP Calculus Classroom - Creating a Culture of Success" 

    March 2015 - T^3 International Conference (Teachers Teaching with Technology) - Fort Worth, TX                       "Jazzing Up Homework Assignments Using TI-Nspire Graphing Calculator Technology"


    October 2014 - NCTM Regional Conference - Indianapolis, IN   "Quality Assessment in the AP Calculus Classroom"


    July 2014 - Texas Instruments IN-OH-MI Advocacy Cohort Summer Workshop - Fort Wayne, IN                     "Introducing the TI-Nspire App for iPad,"         

    "Using the TI-Nspire Teacher Software as a Vehicle for Instruction in the Math Classroom,"       

    "Jazzing Up Homework Assignments Using TI-Nspire Graphing Calculator Technology"            


    October 2013 -  ICTM State Conference - Indianapolis, IN  "Building a Successful High School AP Calculus Program"


    March 2013 - T^3 International Conference (Teachers Teaching with Technology) - Philadelphia, PA
                           "Using TI-Nspire and Navigator for SAT Math Preparation"
    October 2012 - T^3 Regional Conference (Teachers Teaching with Technology) - Chicago, IL
                           "Using TI-Nspire and Navigator for SAT Math Preparation"


    October 2012 -  ICTM State Conference - Indianapolis, IN       
    "Building a Successful High School AP Calculus Program"                         
    "Effective SAT Math Preparation in the High School Mathematics Classroom " 
    Prior to the 2015-16 school year, Avon Community Schools moved to the Schoology classroom management system. While I no longer utilize this website with my students, I will continue to maintain it somewhat so that teachers and students everywhere can access content from it.  I am grateful for everyone's positive comments regarding how helpful they've found my materials.  When teachers across the country work and share with one another amazing things can happen.
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