• Bob Burns

    Bob Burns

    Phone: 317-544-5000 ext. 5093
    Subject/Grade: Music


    Assistant Band Director Bob Burns has been at Avon since 2001.  During his tenure he has assisted with all bands, and has also taught Woodwinds, Jazz, Piano Lab, and Music Theory.
    Bob is an active performer, whose musical career has taken him to over half of these United States and a half dozen foreign countries.  He has played various styles and ensembles in nearly every gig imaginable, including concerts, recording sessions, dances, ceremonies, outdoor fairs, boats, churches, ballrooms, theaters, governors' inaugurations, live media broadcasts, conventions, school demonstrations/presentations, and almost every kind of social event possible.
    He retired from the National Guard in 2016, after 32 years of military service.
    Bob received his AS and BA degrees from Glenville State College in WV, and his MME from Illinois State University.
    He lives in Avon with his wife Debra and son David.