• About the Elementary Program
    The elementary program provides instruction with emphasis in reading, mathematics, English, spelling, writing, science/health, and social studies. Each elementary school has instruction in art, music and physical education, and the staff is supported by access to a media center. Elementary counselors provide services for the staff and students. In addition, there are services for students with special needs. Elementary students are provided an interactive environment with a number of innovative approaches proven to enhance learning.
    Emerging Literacy in Kindergarten
    Young students enter school with a variety of emerging skills and understandings. Avon Schools consider every student for his or her unique style of learning and abilities to learn. It is understood that students need appropriate experiences which encompass the basic literacy components: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Strong literacy and mathematics foundations are built by offering a wide variety of experiences and materials to students. Students are encouraged to participate in language experiences, which include reading and listening to stories, group and individual writing, class books, poems, songs, and dramatic plays. There is a strong belief that reading and writing are necessary life-long skills that can be enjoyable.
    Language Arts
    The language arts curriculum includes phonics, grammar, process writing, spelling, and literature-based reading. The goals of our language arts programs are that students:
    • Develop strategies and skills which make them responsible users and critical interpreters of literature.
    • Find personal satisfaction in interacting with literature.
    • Develop personal and social values as they reflect on the material they read.  
    The math curriculum includes mastery of basic skills as well as application of these skills presented in a developmentally appropriate manner. These math experiences guide students toward the competence and independent thought necessary for living in the 21st century.
    To learn more about Bridges in Mathematics in Avon Schools, click here.  
    Students partake in the Indiana Science Initiative kits in all levels, K-4. The model supports inquiry-based instruction with many hands-on learning opportunities. Students also connect to writing using their science notebooks. 
    Social Studies
    A rich introduction to geography, history, and culture is provided in grades K-4.
    The technology curriculum is infused into classroom projects across content areas. There is a focus on students utilizing technology in a collaborative environment. Along with basic technology literacy skills, the curriculum encourages technology use for the purposes of creativity, communication, research, critical thinking, digital citizenship and technology operations.