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  • Welcome to Hickory!  Your child is a very important part of our school along with the fantastic teachers, support staff and our amazing principal.  Feel free to come and visit our classroom, join us for lunch or help out by joining Helping Hands.  We have a great PTO who are supportive in so many ways along with sponsoring several family programs throughout the year.  Think about being a part of Hickory's PTO this year!school bus

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  • Homework Routine homework

    The homework routine requires the students to complete the assignments listed on my weekly class newsletter. Refer to the right column of the newsletter. Parents, your job is to guide them through each task, check off the task each time and then make sure the slip is signed by you and returned to school each Friday.  I then pay the students for being responsible. The only other materials that are returned to school each day is the student's reading textbooks and poetry notebook.  Thank you in advance for your support.

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  • Library:
    Thbooks e students will be visiting our school's library on Wednesdays.  They will be able to check out 2 books of their choice.  Please help your child be responsible for returning their library books on time each week.  I will encourage the class to select both fiction and nonfiction books throughout the school year.
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    NWEA Testing:  
      Fivirtual summer school rst graders will be taking the NWEA test 3 times this year; Fall (August), Winter (January) and Spring (May).  Test scores and related information will be sent home to the parents after each testing session. These reports will let you see the progress that your child has made in the different reading and math areas.  Please remember that this is only "one window" into your child's academic growth.
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  • Student Handbook:
    Just a friendly reminder to review the student handbook on our school's website for specific details.
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  • Weekly Homework:
    *Please Homework refer to the weekly classroom newsletter for the specific homework outlined for the week.
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - Oral Reading assignment
         Oral reading assignments will be sent home on Mondays and Wednesdays (red paperback book). The leveled readers will be sent home on Tuesdays. These reading resources need to be returned to school on the following day. Encourage your child to read fluently and with lots of expression to you.  
    Tuesday & Thursday - Math assignment
         Complete the math worksheet included in your child's First Grade Folder.  Check over your child's answers and make any necessary corrections at home.
    Tuesday - Word Study assignment
         Complete the Word Study Tree Map page included in your child's First Grade Folder.  With your help, list words that are in the different word families noted on the paper.  (examples:  _at = hat, mat, flat, chat) 
    Wednesday - Using the Does and Does Not cards sent home, sort the weekly words by a specific rule (# of syllables, a certain vowel sound, a specific blend, etc.) and have your parent guess the sorting rule.  Then spell the different words out loud. Your child will also be writing Spelling Sentences using the 2 challenging HFW selected for each week. A writing guide was sent home earlier to be used as a reference on the important parts to include in a good sentence.
    Thursday - Poetry Notebook
         Your child needs to select 10 poems from his/her Poetry Notebook to read to you.  A Parent Guide is included in the front pocket of the 3 ring notebook with helpful suggestions.  Return the Poetry Notebook to school on Friday.
    *Practice reading high frequency words from our different stories by using the Word Ring throughout the week.
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  •   Daily Class Schedule:
    8:50-9:05          Announcements, Pledge, Morning Message, Decision Making Activity, D.E.A.R. Time
    9:10-9:55          Special Area class
    10:00-11:35      Language Arts Block & Literacy Work Stations
    11:45-12:15      Lunch
    12:15-12:30      Recess 1
    12:35-12:50      Storytime/Journal Writing
    12:50-2:00        Math Block
    2:00-2:15          Recess 2
    2:20-2:50          Writer's Workshop 
    2:50-3:25          Social Sciences
    3:30-3:40          End of the day procedures
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  • Friendly Reminder:   
    HavReminder e your child return his/her First Grade Folder (red) to school each Monday.  Remove the graded papers and make sure you sign and date the sheet located on the back side of the folder. The weekend is a great time to go over their work from the previous week and review any skills or concepts if needed. The weekly newsletter will always be sent home on Mondays.
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  • Special Area Classes:  9:10-9:55    
    Mondaspecial classes y - Music
    Tuesday - Art
    Wednesday - Library/Computer Lab
    Thursday - P.E.
    Friday - Grade Level Activity (wear tennis shoes)
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