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            School Counseling Department

    Who is my Child's Counselor? 

    Ms. Andrea Davasher works with eighth grade students for the 2020-2021 school year. 
    Mrs. Allison West works with seventh grade students for the 2020-2021 school year.

    PowerParent and Schoology Websites


    Have you signed up for PowerSchool and Schoology yet? You can get automatic daily e-mails that making staying on top of grades and assignments a snap!  Download the free Apps to your electronic devices. If you need help accessing your child's account, please contact your child's School Counselor.

    Mental Health 

    Middle school is an exciting and challenging time for most students.  Sometimes it is difficult for parents to distinguish between the normal ups and downs of adolescence and more difficult issues that may require intervention.  Are you concerned about your child’s mental health? ACSC School Counselors have created a flow chart that may help answer some of your important questions and provide valuable mental health resources for children.  If you feel your child may need help and you’re not sure where to start, please refer to this link for more information: Mental Health Flowchart of Resources  
    Did you know Cummins Behavioral Health has therpists and Life Skills staff working right here at Avon Middle School North?  If you have concerns or needs for your child, they are able to bill Medicaid or private insurance and provide services right here at school.  Contact Mrs. Davasher or Mrs. West for more information!
    Trip to College Alerts
    Text 2026grad (7th grade) or 2025grad (8th grade) to 69979 to receive automated grade-specific text reminders about college stuff.  You will find out about test and application deadlines and other great tips to get ready for graduation and beyond!  

    Indiana 2-1-1

    Every day thousands of Hoosiers turn to 2-1-1 for information and support - whether financial, domestic, health, or disaster-related. 2-1-1 is free, confidential, and available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.



    The Hendricks County Health Department clinic now provides immunizations for patients who have Medicaid and private health insurance. Contact their office to see if they are in your insurance network and for a fee schedule at 317-745-9222.  The information will also be available on their website: https://www.co.hendricks.in.us/department/division.php?structureid=46. The clinic also provides immunizations for those without insurance.  Children will not be denied services due to the inability to pay the administration fee. 

    Counseling and Guidance Programming

    Counselors help students gain self-knowledge necessary to become independent and responsible decision makers through:

    *Career Counseling
    *Orientation and Transition Programs
    *Personal Individual Counseling
    *Crisis Counseling
    *Academic Counseling
    *Tutoring Resources
    *Community Resources 

    *Test Interpretation
    *Classroom Guidance Lessons

    *Group Counseling 

    Building Responsibility

    • Help children understand, and take responsibility for, the consequences of their choices.  "I chose to do my homework.  The result was that I got an 'A' on my math test."  "I chose to get up 15 minutes late.  The result was that I missed breakfast and nearly missed the bus."  
    • Give children some household responsibilities:  Make sure responsibilities are clearly understood. If your children are not used to helping out, have a meeting to discuss why they must get involved.  Involve everyone in the family when assigning jobs.
    • Make yours an equal opportunity household.  Boys should learn about food preparation and laundering clothes.  Girls need to learn how to handle simple household tools.
    • Develop "no-nag" methods of reminding children.  Some families post a chart on the refrigerator.  Each day, family members check off their jobs as they complete them.
    • Don't redo chores your kids have done.  If a job can only be done your way, then you have to do it.  Redoing a job hurts your child's self-esteem.
    • Finally, help your kids learn that freedom and responsibility go hand-in-hand.  As they do more, they should also expect more freedom.
    To encourage taking responsibility for homework time, plan to read or do something quiet yourself at that time.  You'll be a good example and enjoy a moment of peace and quiet! 

    Twenty-First Century Scholars

    The Twenty-First Century Scholars program guarantees that the State of Indiana will pay the cost of tuition at an Indiana public college or university, or a similar amount to any Indiana private college or university in exchange for a student’s fulfillment of the Twenty-First Century Scholars Pledge.  The terms of which are stated below:

    Twenty-First Century Scholars Pledge:
    • I agree to graduate from an Indiana high school with a high school diploma.
    • I will achieve a cumulative high school GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
    • I will not use illegal drugs or alcohol, or commit any crime.
    • I will apply for admission to an Indiana college, university, or technical school as a high school senior.
    • I will apply on time for state and federal student financial aid.
    Students may participate in the program if they are eligible to take part in the federal school lunch program or Indiana’s textbook assistance program.  It is important to note that eligibility is based on family income even if the student does not participate in the assisted lunch and/or textbook program.

    Students must complete the Twenty-First Century Scholars Application for Enrollment during their seventh or eighth grade school year.  Applications must be completed online at the link below no later than June 30, 2021.

    Apply online:  http://www.scholars.in.gov 

    If you have further questions about the 21st Century Scholars program, please call the Twenty-First Century Scholars office at 1-888-528-4719. 

    The Khan Academy 

    The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit organization that offers free online video instruction or remediation lessons in math, science or social studies. Please click on the link below for additional support.

    Grading Scale

    100%-97%           A+

    96%-93%             A

    92%-90%             A-

    89%-87%             B+

    86%-83%             B

    82%-80%             B-

    79%-77%             C+

    76%-73%             C

    72%-70%             C-

    69%-67%             D+

    66%-63%             D

    62%-60%             D-

    59% or less          F 

    Medications at School

    Please contact our school nurse, Stacey Jones, if you have any questions regarding medication or health concerns.  Click on the nurse tab for up-to-date immunization requirements.   

    Kroger and Target Cards

    Did you know that you can link your Kroger and Target cards to Avon Community School Corporation and we can earn free money and school supplies for our classrooms every time you do your shopping?  Just register your card online or stop by the Customer Service desk next time...it's quick and easy!