• OPAC from Home
    Scroll down to click on Hickory Elementary
    Click on Media Center -> Accelerated Reader
    Click on Hickory OPAC
    Type in your keyword. For example: dolphins
    You get 13 or so items listed, depending on what school you clicked on.
    · The books with the 599.5s call number are non-fiction books about dolphins. They should all be together on the shelf.
    · Three are fiction books with the call number Fic
    You also might get a magazine, such as:
    That symbol is for magazines
    You also get a link to web pages:
    Click on this link:
    Wow!! Lots of websites!! These results are the same at all Avon schools!
    Web Sites: 1 - 20 of 20
    At the top, Click on
    Grade Level: