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  • MakerSpace

    If you have a student that is in grades 1-4 you have probably heard your kids talking about Makerspace.  What is Makerspace?  Sycamore's Makerspace is a choice based 21st Century learning environment.  It involves STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) or STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) activities. It allows students to work together collaboratively, allows for different learning styles, uses critical thinking skills, hands on learning experiences, and authentic problem solving skills.  We have things such as; Legos, Power Clix Magnetic Blocks, Tegu Wooden Magnetic Blocks, IO blocks, crafting, coloring, IPODS with books that they can follow along and reading zones. This is not your typical library, it's much different than what most of us grew up with, but the kids love it.  Do we still read? Yes!  Do we still need books? Yes! Do we use technology like IPODS and IPADS? Yes! Do we use Sphero robotic balls?  Yes!  Ask you child what they did in Makerspace.  I am constantly amazed at what they build, create and learn, you might be too!

  • Volunteers Needed

    We are searching for volunteers to help with check in/out, shelving, and making repairs to books.  Volunteer hours are flexible; contact Mrs. Lambert at 317-544-6600 (ext. 6632) if you are interested in helping.


    Inquiry Center Visits

    All the classrooms are scheduled to visit the Inquiry Center once a week. Students are allowed to checkout two books a week. The books are due the following week.  Books must be returned for students to checkout new titles.

  • Contact Information                                                         
    Lori Lambert
    Media Center Assistant
    317-544-6600 ext. 6632
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