• Dear Families:

          Welcome to Sycamore Elementary School. We are a high-performing school, serving kindergarten to fourth grade children of Avon Community School Corporation. Sycamore Elementary curriculum is based on Indiana Academic Standards. Our curriculum is updated on a rotational schedule and includes the subjects of language arts, mathematics, science, health, social studies, music, art, physical education, and technology.

          The staff at Sycamore is dedicated to providing a strong academic environment for our students while creating a safe, nurturing learning environment. Our staff meets regularly to collaborate about instructional practices and differentiated strategies.

          Sycamore Elementary believes that parents and family members play a critical role in helping our children achieve success while they are at school. Teachers provide ongoing communication with weekly newsletters,webpages, and telephone calls. We encourage parents to communicate with their child’s teacher in an effort to develop a partnership to ensure our children have a positive experience at Sycamore Elementary.

          I hope that you find our building to be a warm and inviting place to learn.


    Nicole Harris

    Educate. Excite. Excel