From Nurse Jeanette: 
    Welcome to White Oak Elementary! My goal as the school nurse is to help students maintain healthy bodies in order to excel in all areas of learning. Please feel free to call me at 544-6700 ext 6725 for any questions concerning your child’s daily health needs at school.

    Please remember to send the needed permission form when sending any "over the counter" (this includes, cough drops or throat lozenges) or prescription medications to school with your child. If you go to the doctor and a prescription is written, a copy of the prescription can be attached to the form to supply the required doctor's signature. Both forms are available on this web site to be printed off. Ask the pharmacy to give you a second bottle with the appropriate label for the school supply. Certain medications will NOT be able to be brought in by students. Please review your student's handbook when he/she receives it to become familiar with the new regulations. ALLmedications brought to the clinic must be picked up by a parent or designated person and CANNOT be transported home by a student. No student may carry medication in their backpack or on their person unless it is cleared through the principal and the clinic, and accompanied by the correct school form. These medications are usually for an emergency, for example rescue inhalers. Please contact the clinic if you need to request this form. Thank you for your assistance in this matter, it is greatly appreciated.
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