Dear Prospective ACSC Facility User:

    Attached is the Facility Usage Packet for Avon Community School Corporation.Please review the attached forms and use the following guidelines to completethe application packet:

    1. All renters, groups, and organizations MUST complete the Facility Usage Application and sign the Request for Use of School Facilities Agreement.
    2. Completed forms, along with a current copy of each organization’s Certificate of Insurance are to be turned in to the Assistant Principal or School Building Designee (please see Contact List). That individual will review the application, check date availability, and calculate usage fees.
    3. A check, payable to Avon Community School Corporation, for the entire amount must be presented to the building treasurer within (1) one week after the event.

    We ask for cooperation and consideration regarding ACSC facility usage as Avon student activities will always take priority.

    Thank you for your support,

    Dr. Scott Wyndham 
    Director of Finance and Operations
    Avon Community School Corporation
    317-544-6000, Ext 6014