• Projected Program Support 2016-17
     Total Program Support: $103,000

    AEF Staff Scholarships for Creativity and Innovation**-
    One-time project support for classrooms or buildings; $100 - $3000 per project subject to guidelines
    Budget: $26,000    Grades: K-12
    Freshman Orientation** -
    Program helping all incoming freshman be oriented to Avon High School buildings, staff,  and support services
    Budget: $2,800       Grade: 9
    AHS Evening Of Excellence **
    Program honoring top 25 graduating seniors & 50 teachers nominated by those students
    Budget: $7,000       Grade: 12
    READ 180 -
    Reading remediation program at AHS
    Budget: $3,000       Grades: 9-12
    AIS Study Skills & Remediation Programs** - In-school and after-school remediation, homework assistance, and study tables to improve study skills and address skill gaps.  ($4000/building)
    Budget: $8000       Grades: 5-6
    AMS After School Assistance ** -
    After-school remediation, homework assistance, and study tables ($4000/building)
    Budget: $8,000       Grades: 7-8
    AMS Gateway to Technology Program
    Software fees for Gateway to Technology course focused on showing students how technology can be used to solve everyday problems.  
    Budget: $1,500          Grades: 7-8 
    Improving Literacy Instruction K-4** -
    Books, software, study islands, instruction customized to reading levels and needs ($500 x 7 buildings)
    Budget: $3,500          Grades: K-4
    DeWeese Performing Arts Fund**
    Dedicated grant opportunity honoring AEF founder, Pam DeWeese and the performing arts tradition in Avon 
    Budget: $9,450           Grades K-12 
    Improving Literacy Instruction 5-6** -
    Books, software, study islands, instruction customized to reading levels and needs ($1000 x 2 buildings)
    Budget: $2000          Grades: 5-6
    Musical Instrument Drive -
    Used musical instruments collected for repurposing or re-use by beginning students in need
    Budget: $3,500         Grades: 5-8
    K-4 Remediation
    In school or after school programs focused on eliminating skill gaps at the elementary school level
    Budget: $5,500         Grades: K-4
    AEF Tech Leadership Program
    Funds to promote the integration of technology into Avon's classrooms.
    Budget: $7,000     Grades: 5-12
    Musical Theater Camp
    Annual camp providing hands-on music instruction to elementary school students
    Budget: $4,000         Grades: 1-8
    Supply Our Schools**
    School supply inventory available for teachers in all twelve Avon schools.
    Budget: $1,000         Grades:  K-12 
    AMS Study Tables
    Homework help for middle school students who participate in extra-curricular activities; provides extra collaboration tine for teachers who lead extra-curricular programs
    Budget: $3,400       Grades: 7-8 
    Honor an Educator -
    Activities recognizing teachers and staff, including those nominated by parents and students.
    Budget: $750          Grades: K-12
    AHS Hall of Fame** -
    Program honoring AHS alumni who are good role models for today's students
    Budget: $550             Grades: 9-12
    New Programs and Flexible Academic Support 
    Funds for unanticipated additional educational needs and programs
    Budget: $5,500            Grades: K-12
    ** = Programs funded completely by AEF

    Your donations to AEF make a BIG impact!  Thank you.