• Philosophy and Goals

    The school corporation recognizes that it has responsibility for educating all students in the district, regardless of their abilities, race, color, national origin or creed. It recognizes that the entire person comes to school, and that the school cannot ignore his or her health, character and total personality development. However, it also recognizes that the school cannot assume complete responsibility for the total development of the student. This responsibility must be shared by the home, the church, and the total community with its various organizations and environmental conditions.

    The school is but one of several institutions in our society and community responsible for the total educational development of our students. The basic responsibility of the school should be the achievement of those educational goals which are primarily those of the school and for which the other institutions of our society and community do not assume major responsibility.
    The school corporation believes that the most important educational task assigned to the school is that of working toward the maximum intellectual development of students in an atmosphere that recognizes and nurtures the uniqueness of the individual. Therefore, the school will concentrate its resources toward the development of an educational program to discharge this most important responsibility.
    The school corporation believes that the home, the church and the total community must assume major responsibility for some aspects of each student’s development. The school corporation recognizes, however, that if the education of its students is to be complete, the educational tasks of other community institutions must be supported and reinforced by the school. Thus, the school shall assume shared responsibility for the physical, social-emotional and ethical-moral development of its students.