Updated January 1, 2019
    Required Screening for ALL Visitors
    • Required for all school building visitors, including vendors.
    • Must present a valid photo identification for screening (state issued photo ID, passport, or military ID).
    • Includes a National Sex Offender Registry search and internal Exclusion List search.
    • Approved visitors will be issued a temporary, self-expiring, stick-on badge for the duration of their visit.
    • Visitors are expected to sign in upon arrival and sign out of the office upon departure.
    Criminal History Check for Volunteers
    • Required for all school volunteers.
    • This report will require a SSN Trace, a National Sex Offender Registry Search, Indiana Participating Courts Search, and a County Criminal History Search for all counties of residence in the 3 year look back period as determined by the SSN Trace.
    • The volunteer will complete the online Application for a Volunteer Background Screen.
    • The cost of the initial screening is $12.95 per person and includes all counties of residence within Indiana. 
    • Additional counties of residence outside of Indiana will required a flat access fee of $5.95 plus any access fees imposed by the courts in those states/counties.  The responsibility for these additional costs will be born by the volunteer applicant.
    • The volunteer will be notified of any negative report, which would limit his/her participation. 
    • Approved volunteers will receive an email notification with their digital badge/barcode that will allow them to scan in at each building.
    • Volunteer background screens will be good for a period of 3 years from the date of issue. Renewal emails will be sent automatically one month prior to expiration.
    • If you wish to be removed from the renewal cycle, please contact Human Resources.
    Click HERE to access the Volunteer Background Application