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  • Welcome to Avon Community School Corporation! We are looking forward to an exciting and healthy year. You may find the following information helpful:

    • Avon Schools uses the online service CareDox as a tool for parents to provide medical information.  The system enables student immunization information, physical exam results, medication information, and nurse visits to be stored securely and compliance with HIPAA and FERPA regulations.  Families are able to access CareDox at any time from their computer, smartphone, or tablet to see their student's activity in the clinic and will receive nightly communication regarding any clinic visits that may have occurred. Please make sure you've signed up for an account with CareDox.
    • Please make sure your student is up-to-date with required immunizations. Students who are not properly immunized will be excluded from school after 20 days.
    • Avon Schools have acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and antacid in the clinic. These can be given at the discretion of the school nurse to any student who has permission.  Any additional over-the-counter medications (including cough drops) will be kept in the clinic and need to be supplied by the parent. All over-the-counter permission is provided via CareDox. All medication must be in the original unopened container.  Over-the-counter medications sent in to school will be kept until the end of the school year unless directed otherwise.
    • A completed Prescription Medication and Hold Harmless Release Form must be completed and signed in order for your child to receive any prescription medication at school. This form is available on the school website under the forms tab or from the clinic.  Prescription medications must be in the original prescription container with a pharmacy label.  Any controlled substances will need to be brought in by a parent or guardian and may not be transported by the students.
    • For new kindergartners- you may want to send in a change of underwear and clothes in your child's backpack for the first few weeks in case of any accidents or spills.
    • Please keep any phone numbers and contact information up-to-date with the office.  You never know when the nurse may need to contact you in an emergency!
    • Having your child eat breakfast will prevent many of the morning headaches and stomachaches seen in the clinic. All elementary students may eat breakfast at school.
    • The Health Services Staff are here to help in any way during the school year. Please let your child's school nurse know if you have any health concerns or questions about your child. Healthy children learn better!
  • The following guidelines will be used in determining when to send a child home:

    1. Fever >101 F. Children who are ill should be fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication before attending school.

    2. Witnessed vomiting or diarrhea (defined as 2 or more liquid stools in a 24-hour period). Chidren who are il lshould be free from vomiting or diarrhea for at least 12 hours before attending school.

    3. Suspicion of untreated conjunctivitis, or pink eye (redness of the whites of the eyes with purulent drainage). If pink eye is diagnosed, drops need to be used for 24 hours before attending school.

    4. Suspicious rashes that may be contagious.

    5. Injury that may require further evaluation and treatment.

    6. Untreated head lice - presence of live lice.

    7. Suspicion of an untreated contagious condition. If an infection has been diagnosed, children need to be on antibiodics for 24 hours before attending school.

    8. A condition or illness that is causing such severe symptoms that the student is unable to funciton in class. Examples include severe ehadaches, continuous cough, persistent stomachache, etc.


    We look forward to taking care of your child during this school year. If you have any quesitons, please contact your school nurse.

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