•  Mrs. Jurkash

    Mallory Jurkash

    Email: majurkash@avon-schools.org
    Phone:  x 6293
    STEM Lab Innovation Teacher



    I graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in the winter of 2008. I moved back home (the region/ Northwest, IN) and taught in Munster for 6 years. In those 6 years I taught kindergarten and second grade.

    When my husband and I got engaged I chose to move to Indianapolis, and start my life here. I was hired at Cedar in the Summer of 2015 and started teaching third grade. In 2018 I moved positions and now teach the STEM special and service all students.

    Who is the teacher?

    I am Mrs. Mallory Jurkash. I formerly taught third grade at Cedar. I am in my tenth year of teaching and cannot wait to get this year started.

    Just a few facts:

    • I am married with 2 dogs.
    • I grew up on an exotic animal farm.
    •  I have  taught STEM in my general education classroom for 4 years.
    • I am STEM trained through a 2 year Purdue/Butler program.
    • I am the School’s digital innovator.

    What is STEM?

    You might be wondering if we are testing plants in a new biology lab of some sort….. That would be cool, but no, that is not the type of STEM Lab we are planning.  STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  STEM Lab will focus directly on specific questions that challenge students to think, hypothesize, and experiment their way to a solution, as well as a focus on coding. Each subject or pillar is part of the greater whole of the lesson plan. So instead of teaching math as separate from technology or science, the concepts work together. Creating an interdisciplinary approach to instruction that resembles knowledge use in real life.

    Why STEM?

    The greatest gift we can give students during the elementary years is a driving curiosity, a belief in their abilities, a thirst for knowledge, an understanding of failure to succeed, and a passion to grow. With these skills in their toolbox, they will be equipped to tackle the challenges of higher education and the real world. No matter where their life journey takes them.

    • It is motivating, engaging, real-world inspired. Knowledge is taught the way it is used in the real world, with concepts and subjects interwoven seamlessly.
    • Students engage and apply concepts in a deeper, more thorough way, leading to a greater understanding of the concepts.
    • STEM is creative and adaptable, making it accessible to children of all levels of ability. Even within one team, various ability levels can work together and learn together.
    • The teaching methods are inquiry-based, process-focused, and student-centered. Lessons incorporate interest led investigations that provide students with ownership over their learning.
    • Teamwork, collaboration and communication is a major focus. Students have the freedom to thinking critically, creatively and to innovative.
    • Opportunities are provided for students to fail and try again in a safe environment. The value of failure as a learning opportunity is emphasized and mistakes are embraced not penalized.




    *A Mind Is Like A Parachute, It Only Works If It Is Open.*


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