Rachael Badger, School Counselor

    Email: rmbadger@avon-schools.org
    Phone: 317-544-6500 (ext. 6520)
    Subject/Grade: Indiana School Counseling PreK - 12

    Welcome to the Pine Tree Elementary School Counselor website! Our goal at Pine Tree is to support the academic, social, and emotional well being of all students. Pine Tree is a Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports (PBIS) school where students learn both academic and important life skills to reach success in the classroom and the community. We strive to recognize and encourage the unique individual strengths of all of our students! Avon Elementary counseling programs follow the philosophy that the whole child matters, and we create an environment that guides the child to find his or her full potential.

    Research shows that social and emotional learning (SEL) interventions increase students academic achievement (Indiana Department of Education). Pine Tree uses the SEL curriculum, Second Steps, school-wide and in every classroom to teach important skills for learning, managing emotions, and regulating behavior. For more information about Second Steps, visit www.secondstep.org.

    Counseling services:

    Individual Counseling:
     One on one counseling services are provided for children expriencing a variety of issues. Referrals can come from parents, teachers, staff, or the student. Providing support, teaching coping strategies, and follow-up are emphasized.

    Group Counseling
    Group counseling allows students to share similar experiences and learn from one another. Small and large groups are facilitated by the school counselor and cover topics such as friendship and communication skills, building self-esteem, and handling emotions. 

    Classroom Lessons: Counselor-led classroom lessons about social and emotional topics provide all Pine Tree students the opportunity to learn important life skills, so that they can reach their full potential in the classroom and beyond.


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