Avon Community School Corporation

Avon Community School Corporation

Illustrative Impact of the Proposed School Operating Referendum on Property Tax Bills

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Find it on your Annual Tax Statement from the County Treasurer, TABLE 1, Line 1a.

Calculated Tax Bill Increase from the Proposed School Operating Referendum with a Tax Rate of $0.35363

Operating Referendum Tax Rate4
Additional monthly tax dollars to fund Avon Schools:
Additional annual tax dollars to fund Avon Schools:


  1. Assessments are subject to annual changes in market conditions. The referendum liability may change in relation to changes in parcel gross assessed value.
  2. Homestead parcels are assumed to have homestead, supplemental homestead, and mortgage deductions. Assumes no deductions for non-homestead properties.
  3. Local property tax replacement credits are not applied to Operating Referendum tax rates, per Indiana Code 6-3.6-5-6.
  4. The operating referendum is approved for eight years.
  5. Tax bill increase may be less than estimated if property owner is eligible for other property tax deductions or credits, such as Over 65 Deduction, Blind or Disabled Deduction, or Veteran Deductions. To learn more about these deductions, go to https://www.in.gov/dlgf/8818.htm. For assistance in determining tax bill increase for those claiming these deductions, please email smwyndham@avon-schools.org.