• The AHS Student Television Network is a way for students in the broadcasting program to have more involvement and opportunities. Members will attend meetings once a month, help promote our TV program through social media and fundraisers, document our Junior Day of Caring as a service project video, plan our end-of-the-year TV Awards Banquet, participate in the Acivity Fair, participate in Homecoming, Participate in Student Government's big fundraiser of the year (in past: Avon Night Light), help create the senior class video by recording and editing events throughout the year, including athletic senior nights, and more! Students in the AHS STN will also be invited to guest speaker events for TV students and possible TV/Radio Station tours. Students may also participate in our live, daily newscast caleld The Oriole Report. This is a fun way for student passionate about radio/tv/filmmaking to get together and work on projects. We also have fun "team bonding" nights so students can get to know each other. We have gone bowling, laser tagging, and more!

2017-2018 STN Team Bonding Night
  • Club Sponsor:
    Mrs. Tauer

    2018-2019 Club Officers:
    President - Jaided Ramos
    Vice President - Tyson Harloff
    Volunteer Chair - Trevor Tracey
    Fundraising/Social Media Chair: Brenna Tiffany
    Secretary - Grace Harrison

    2018-2019 Club Officers:
    President - Jaided Ramos
    Vice President - Laura Ryle
    Volunteer Chair - Trevor Tracey
    Fundraising/Social Media Chair: Maya Abramson
    Secretary - Grace Harrison

    2019-2020 Club Officers:
    President - Maya Abramson
    Vice President - Corrine O'Neil
    Events & Fundraiser Coordinators: Abbey Kelly & Erin Haberman
    Social Media & Marketing: Grant Rueff
    Secretary - Zoe Trampke-Lee

    2020-2021 Club Officers:
    Presidents - Grant Rueff & Elijah Ybarra
    Vice President - Maria Perez
    Events & Fundraiser Coordinator: Erin Haberman
    Social Media & Marketing: Abbey Kelly
    Secretary - Taylor Rueff

    Honors Society Members:
    Maya Abramson, Laura Ryle, Zoe Trampke-Lee, Jayne Harlan

    *BE SURE TO CHECK OUT AVON ACTION for live streaming! ihsaatv.org/AvonOrioles