• School Safety

  • Avon Community Schools takes the safety of our students and staff seriously and continuously works to provide the safest and most secure learning environment.

    We collaborate with city, county, state, and national safety officials on national best practices.  Avon Community Schools has 12 certified Indiana School Safety Specialists that are trained to lead the development and implementation of school safety practices within our schools. 

    Emergency Drills

    Drills are an important aspect of school safety and will be used as teachable moments for our staff and students. Indiana Code requires each school to conduct monthly fire drills, one severe weather drill per semester, and one man-made occurrence (lockdown) drill per semester. 

    Avon Schools utilize the concepts of ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) when conducting lockdown drills.  ALICE focuses on various courses of action that help staff and students respond most effectively to a crisis situation.  This is an options-based training, highlighting situational awareness and decision making.  No single response fits all crisis scenarios, however making sure staff and students know their options for response will help them to react effectively. 

    Visitor Information

    Avon Schools require all visitors to check-in at the front office using our visitor management system, Safe Visitor.  This system requires visitors to scan their driver's license or state identification card for a check of their record.  A temporary badge is provided to all visitors to wear while in our buildings.  As our visitors leave school, they scan and return that badge to front office staff.  

    Interested in volunteering at school or attending a field trip? 

    All volunteers must have a criminal history background check done prior to volunteering at school.  You can check with the building's front office staff to see if your background check is current.  If you have multiple students who attend multiple schools in Avon, you only need one criminal background check.