School Counseling and Mental Wellness

  • November is National Gratitude Month

    Gratitude on Teal Wall with Rust

    Social-emotional learning in becoming an integral part of The Avon Experience for students.  Teachers, counselors, and administrators are taking time to intentionally develop skills around self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making throughout the school day.  Teaching our students about social-emotional learning allows students the opportunity to develop life-long skills that will help them interact with others in a postive and healthy manner by being able to recognize and self-regulate in safe and healthy ways.

    One way to help develop self-awareenss and self-regulation skills is by engaging in intentional practices of gratitude.  The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley has an article about Four Great Gratitude Strategies with ideas about incorporating gratitude activities into a meaningful habit.

    If you are looking to find ways to practice gratitude as a family, here are 3 Powerful Ways to Practice Gratitude With Your Family to help you get started.  But remember, the possibilities for engaging in gratitue practices are vast!      

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