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Avon Progressive Design-Build Project 2020 | Performance Service

Key Project Objectives Improve program and capacity equity across elementary schools. Maintain the K-8 feeder systems on the north and south sides of the district. Develop spaces within existing elementary facilities to support pedagogy and programming goals. Consolidate and expand the community preschool program.

  • Beginning in January 2019, the ACSC Board of School Trustees began discussions about renovation projects at several schools.  These discussions culminated in two community presentations on May 6 and May 28, 2019 in which a plan was presented addressing elementary programming and district facilities.  The major goals of this plan were to:

    • Address long-term facility needs
    • Support current enrollment and allow capacity for future growth without the construction of a new school
    • Provide equitable programs across K-4 schools
    • Provide long-term, high-quality program for preschool
    • Meet ACSC facility needs with no increase to the taxpayer

    As a result of this plan, beginning with the 2021-22 school year, White Oak will become a centralized preschool.  Elementary school boundaries will be re-adjusted as ACSC transitions to 6 more equitably-sized elementary schools when school starts in July 2021. 

    Since those community meetings, the Board and administration have held multiple public meetings discussing design plans for renovation work at several schools.  On March 17, 2020, the Board approved renovations at 6 schools to be completed for the start of the 2021-22 school year. 

    Maple Elementary

    Maple Elementary (built in 1971) will be renovated and significantly expanded to allow it to accommodate approximately 700 students.  





    White Oak

    White Oak (built in 1963) will undergo a renovation to allow it to serve as a centralized preschool beginning with the 2021-22 school year.  Converting White Oak into a centralized preschool is more cost effective than the renovations required to make it an equitable elementary school.  Moving preschool to a central location also frees up classroom space at other elementary schools and provides our preschool with a permanent home as it has moved from Cedar, Hickory, Pine Tree, Maple, and White Oak in recent years. 

    Additionally, the current White Oak gymnasium will be converted to professional development/meeting space.  Some classrooms at White Oak will also be used for district occupational and physical therapists, as well allow future growth in preschool. 

    As a part of this project, parking will be expanded at the ACSC Transportation Facility and a new access drive will be constructed south of White Oak and Maple to allow bus traffic at both buildings to be separated from car traffic.

    Hickory Elementary

    Hickory Elementary will be expanded to accommodate additional students through the construction of 8 additional classrooms and an expanded media center.


    Sycamore Elementary

    Sycamore Elementary will be expanded to accommodate additional students through the construction of 9 additional classrooms and an expanded media center.


    Middle School South & Avon High School

    While these schools will not be expanded, there will be important work happening to support students and staff.  At Middle School South (constructed in 1958), significant work will occur to improve and update portions of the HVAC system (heating ventilation air conditioning) that are approaching 30 years old and beyond expected service life.  This creates uncomfortable learning conditions for our staff and students with inconsistent temperatures at various times of the year.  Additionally, work at Middle School South will include painting and new carpet in the performing arts area and updates to the auditorium. 

    Avon High School is now over 20 years old and the auditorium seats are showing their age.  The seats will be replaced in the summer of 2021.

    How are these projects being funded?

    These projects are critical to address necessary infrastructure updates and accommodate future student enrollment.  Over the course of multiple public meetings over the last several months, the ACSC Board of School Trustees has discussed how to fund these projects.  In short, ACSC has debt that will be paid off in coming years and has issued additional debt to finance these projects with no impact to the taxpayer.

    All debt payments related to this project will be paid out of ACSC’s Debt Service Fund.  The Referendum fund will not pay for any portion of these projects.