• Referendum Information

  • In 2018, ACSC ran a successful Referendum campaign for additional financial support for the school system. We have dramatically improved class sizes, provided meaningful raises for teachers and support staff and added support for our students.  

    What is a Referendum?

    A referendum is a general vote by the electorate (eligible voters) on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision. 

    What are Property Tax Caps?

    • Property Tax Caps are in the Indiana Constitution and “cap” property taxes at 1% for residential; 2% for apartments/farmland; and 3% for all other property including business.  A successful referendum may result in property taxes that exceed property tax caps. 

    What’s the Role of Property Taxes?

    • Most states require homeowners, business owners, and farmers (land owners) to pay property tax.
    • These taxes are collected by local governments and are used to pay for local services and items such as:
      • Gov. official salaries
      • School general funds
      • Police and fire protection
      • Maintenance of local roads and parks

     Chart that explains what the referendum will and will not fund 

    Chart that displays the consequences of a failed referendum



  • School Referendum

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