• Boundary Adjustment 2021-22

    Goal: Balance our elementary schools to provide equitable educational experiences to all of our elementary students.

    At the December 14, 2020, meeting of the School Board of Trustees, models 3A and 1B (see below) were chosen as the ideal models to accomplish the Boundary Alignment Committee's goal. The following map illustrates the updated school boundaries for the 2021-22 school year and beyond. 

    Boundary adjustment guidelines:

    • Move as few children as possible
    • Create equitable socio-economic levels between schools
    • Balance demographics
    • Maintain neighborhoods
    • Keep White Oak Elementary children together as much as possible

ACSC K-4 Boundaries (2021-22 and beyond)

  • 20-21 Boundaries

Boundary Adjustment Summary

  • For schools and students south of US 36:

    • Anticipates growth in the Fairwoods area; students would attend Hickory
    • Provides room for growth at Cedar, corresponding with the expansion of the Settlement
    • All White Oak students south of US 36 will attend Pine Tree
    • Students moved: 25 plus 100 from White Oak

    For schools and students north of US 36:

    • Fewer students moved than plans 1A or 2A
    • Clean school boundary lines
    • Socio-economic numbers are within 9% points
    • All White Oak students north of US 36 will attend Maple
    • Students moved: 167 plus 153 from White Oak


  • Please visit the Transportation page to view maps.

Dec. 14 Board Meeting

Nov. 9 Board Meeting

  • Third Grade Request to Stay Form

    If you are a parent or caregiver of a current third grade student who, according to the redistricted boundaries, is to transfer from their current home school to another for their final year of elementary school, you may request for your child to remain in their building.

    >> Request to stay form

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