• Operation Soldier
    Operation Soldier
    This year the 8th grade students at AMSN will be participating in a service learning project called OPERATION SOLDIER. We will be making pillows and cookies, writing cards and letters, and collecting snack items and leisure activities for our servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • The kickoff for the unit will be October 6th where our students will be hearing from the family of one of the servicemen we will be supporting about what it is like where their loved ones are stationed, what it is like to be a friend or family member of someone stationed in the Middle East, and the importance of supporting our troops. 
    During the month of October students will be participating in several activities that will aid in our efforts to show our service men and women how much we appreciate the sacrifices they are making. At the November 11, 2009 Veteran’s Day program members of the armed forces, both past and present, will be recognized. 
    The culmination of the program will be the presentation of creations and collections of the 8th grade. These items will then be sent out to our troops, with an anticipated arrival right before Christmas. While the program will have ended, this project will continue throughout the year with additional activities, lessons, and mailings to the soldiers.
    We invite parents and community members to be a part of our project. Please look for information about how you can be a part of this project on the AMSN webpage in the coming month. There will be a link to the OPERATION SOLDIER webpage from the main AMSN page.


  • Donations

    Baking Ingredients Needed!!!
    Needed Ingredient List
    Cake Mixes - 3 devils food, 6 white
    2 dozen eggs
    1 bag of peanut butter chips
    6 cups M&Ms (like 3 large bags)
    2 bags of  walnuts
    1 container  quick cooking oats
    2 boxes of raisins
    12 sticks of butter

    If you are interested in donating please contact Ashley Robbins at acrobbins@avon-schools.org. We are still in need of soldier donations, as well! Any contribution is appreciated!!!

    Veteran's Day Program
    Attention! If you or a member of your family has served in the military at ANY point, please send us a picture to include in our slideshow during or Veteran's Day Program. If at all possible, please scan them and e-mail any pictures you may have to Ashley Robbins at acrobbins@avon-schools.org with "OPERATION SOLDIER" in the subject line. The slideshow will be posted on this website as more pictures become available.
     Donation Ideas for Soldiers
    Listed below are many items that can be donated for OPERATION SOLDIER. Donation boxes will be available for each 8th grade team and we will be tracking our progress at school and on the webpage.            
    Instant Coffee
    Instant Hot ChocolateTea Bags
    Powdered GatoradeCrackers (Triscuits & Ritz)Easy Cheese
    Hard CandyBubble GumRice Krispie Treats
    Individual Cereal BoxesGranola BarsChex Mix
    LollipopsBeef JerkySlim Jims
    Beef JerkyKraft Easy MacSommer Sausage
    Microwave PopcornPower BarsPuzzles
    Little Debbie Snack CakesMarshmallowsPuzzle Books
    EnvelopesStationary/ PaperNewspapers
    Please Note: When soldiers are behind enemy lines they are not to use any cologne or scented shampoo, mouthwash, anti-perspirant, etc. Please try to refrain from donating these types of items if at all possible. Thank you!
    Baking Items
    If you would be interested in donating baking items, please e-mail Ashley Robbins at operation-soldier@avon-schools.org with the following information:

    1. Parent Name
    2. Student's Name
    3. Student's Team
    4. Student's Flex Teacher
    5. Phone Number

    Mrs. Hicks' Family and Consumer Science Classes will be baking cookies to send over to the soldiers in addition to the donations collected throughout the month of October. Baking items that will be needed include the following:

    Eggs, Oil, Sugar, Flour, Peanut Butter Chips, Chocolate Chips, etc