• ACSC NWEA Student Toolbox
    This page has been created to provide online resources for those students who are administered the NWEA Survey with Goals Assessment. The NWEA Survey with Goals Assessment is divided into academic goal areas for reading, math, and language arts. These goal areas are categorized content aligned with the Indiana State academic standards.

    Below students will find GOAL AREA LINKS which include academic games and activities organized in two ways:
    • specifically correllate with a Goal Area RIT Range (Instructional Level).
    • aligned with a Goal Area in a more general sense.
    For academic growth, NWEA recommends additional focus to the goal areas of weakness as noted in the NWEA Individual Progress Report. For instance, if a student's lowest goal area RIT range is identified as "Computation," then this would be the focus area for the student to improve this goal area over time.