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A 'Scary Good' Art Partnership

A 'Scary Good' Art Partnership

by Sarah Fowler and Katie Bonilla

It all began when a few art teachers saw a social media post and got inspired! Mrs. Fowler, AHS Art Teacher, reached out to Mrs. Bonilla, Sycamore Art Teacher, and asked if her kindergarten students would each like to draw a monster. Each kindergarten student drew their version of a monster. Mrs. Bonilla collected them and sent them to Mrs. Fowler.

As soon as Mrs. Fowler received the stack of monster drawings, her ceramics students (along with some National Art Society students and other art students at AHS) set to work in making the 2D monsters come to life as 3D ceramic monsters. 

The ceramic monsters were displayed with their corresponding kindergarten drawings at the Avon High School Art Show. After the show, the kindergarten students will get their drawings back along with the monster. 

We are excited to see this scary-good partnership grow in coming school years.


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