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AHS Athletic Events Fan Guide

Game Day Policy

To provide a safe and family friendly environment, AHS may limit items that may be brought to Avon Athletics events at both HRH Stadium and Andy Mohr Indoor facilities. We reserve this right at the entrances at the respective venues: Changes in national, regional and campus security levels may affect security procedures and prohibited items.


Digital ticketing will be the main way of purchasing tickets to AHS events. Please visit our Ticket Store on the AHS website. There will be an option to purchase with cash at events. However, entry to the event will be greatly expedited with pre-purchased digital tickets.

**All sports passes must be scanned at each event for entry. If forgotten, a ticket must be purchased for entry to that event. 

Fan Expectations

Spectators are not allowed on the court, field, or sidelines at any time before or during the game. Fans are also prohibited from throwing items onto the court/field. Such behavior will result in removal from the facility. Avon reserves the right to remove individuals whose behavior disrupts players, coaches, officials or other fans. No refunds will be given in these cases.

Elementary, Intermediate, and Middle School Students at Events
It is highly encouraged that non high school students be accompanied by an adult. Unsupervised students dropped off for football games will be dropped off and picked up at Door 33. Unsupervised students will be required to sit in the middle school section on the southwest corner of the Football Stadium or the upper northwest corner of the Main Gym for indoor events. AHS reserves the right to remove individuals whose behavior disrupts players, coaches, officials or other fans. No refunds will be given in these cases.

Lost and Found

Lost items should be turned into the Concession Stand or the North Ticket Booth. 

Prohibited Items

Prohibited items at events on Avon’s campus:

  • Weapons of any type including licensed concealed carry weapons, knives, mace, blades, tools, etc.
  • Footballs, Basketballs, outside athletic equipment, etc. 
  • Outside food or beverages
  • Laser pens or laser products of any type
  • Balloons
  • Signs, posters or messages on any garment with explicit language, profanity, or derogatory characterization directed toward any person
  • Smoking of any kind is prohibited, including e-cigarette
  • Unauthorized Drones or any other model aircraft
  • Animals or pets (excluding service animals)
  • Any other item deemed unacceptable by Avon’s Administration.

Re-Entry/Pass Outs

Passes out of events are not permitted.


Restrooms are located at each event and are clearly marked. 


ALL Avon school campuses are smoke-free. The use of tobacco products and e-cigarettes is not permitted. 


Signs are permitted inside events (except for IHSAA tournament events) provided they are no larger than a standard piece of poster board and are in good taste. All signage is subject to inspection by security or game operations personnel. 

Post Game

We respectfully ask that you throw away your trash at the end of the event. A parking/traffic map will be posted on our webpage and numerous social media sites. This will be helpful for Football games on Friday nights.

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