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Avon Schools PD is AWARE

Avon Schools PD is AWARE

Did you know that the Avon School Police Department is an AWARE member agency?

According to the Avon Police Department, the agency that created the program in 2021:

AWARE is a campaign to raise awareness of cognitive disabilities and medical-related impairments to first responders when it matters most. The AWARE program is a de-escalation and mental health awareness initiative created by law enforcement for all first responders to proactively identify individuals who may struggle with an ability to comprehend, communicate, or comply with first responders.

Qualifying participants' information is shared with local first responder agencies and they receive highly visible stickers to display on vehicles and residences. In a tense situation, the presence of the AWARE sticker helps first responders know they need to be extra sensitive and accommodating.

As a member agency, the Avon School Police Department is able to enroll program participants. 

You may be eligible to participate if you or someone in your family has one or more of the following conditions or diagnoses: seizures, bipolar disorder, dementia, intellectual/developmental disability, diabetes with a high risk of hypoglycemia, Autism, Down Syndrome, post-traumatic stress syndrome, schizophrenia, or post-traumatic brain injury with sequela. 

To enroll, you must have your physician sign a Medical Professional Referral form. Submit the form via email using the link below. Avon Schools Police will review and provide you with the AWARE stickers.

AWARE Program Website    Professional Referral Form   Submit Your Referral Form


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