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We use the word 'all' a lot. It's a common word.

This year, in Avon Schools, we're being intentional in how we use it. In fact, this year #AVONISALLIN. All of our 1,400 educators and support staff are all in for all of our 10,300 students and their families.

  • Our Technology Department is all in supporting more than 10,000 computers, deploying 5,000 laptops for students in grades 5-12, and responding to the hundreds of help desk requests they receive.
  • Our staff members who support nearly 800 students who are English language learners (up 235 students from last year) are all in to ensure these students thrive academically while learning English as a second—sometimes third—language. Did you know there are 93 different languages spoken in the homes of Avon students?
  • Our Food Services team is all in by serving 1,215,524 meals last year and likely eclipsing that number this year.
  • Our School Nurses—frontline workers—conducted 71,811 clinic visits last year and they're all in once more for whatever our students and staff need this year.
  • The Transportation team is all in to complete 634 routes each day. They'll log more than 1,000,000 miles this year.
  • Our Facilities Department has navigated construction projects at AMS South, White Oak Early Learning Center, and Pine Tree, Maple, Hickory, and Sycamore Elementary Schools and they're all in to continue supporting our corporation with excellence.
  • The Administration Center crew is all in to continue supporting our more than 1,400 employees—including 120 new hires this summer alone—so schools can remain focused on educating students and meeting their needs.
  • Our Special Education Department is all in to support more than 1,700 students with special needs.
  • Last—but certainly not least—all of our Teachers, Specialists, Counselors, Instructional Assistants, and other classroom support personnel are all in to educate the whole child, helping every student reach their potential.

'All' is a very high bar. Yet, in Avon, it is our priority to support all our students every day. Whether it's the pursuit of academic achievement, mental wellness, athletic success, performing arts, clubs, or any host of other supports, we are all in ... every single day.


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