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Big O Reads with Preschoolers

Big O Reads with Preschoolers

Big O, the Avon High School mascot, took time off from a busy afternoon of studies to enjoy reading time with students in the library at the White Oak Early Learning Center this week.

While the preschool students loved the book Big O's helper read to them, Ten Fat Turkeys, they were much more interested in high fives, hugs, and posing for photos. They also wanted to tell Big O all about their parents, siblings, and what sports they play.

Big O was kind enough to hang around to take questions. There were some great ones:

  • Can you fly?
  • What do you eat?
  • Is there a real person in there?
  • How tall are you? 
  • Can you do the splits?

(For those who are curious, the answers are: Not yet. Mainly bugs, nuts, berries, and seeds. Maybe. Two preschoolers tall. No.)

Preschool students are excited to see Big O on the sidelines the next time they go to a game at Avon High School. He's excited to see them, too.

Go Orioles!


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