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Celebrating Orioles: November 2022

Celebrating Orioles: November 2022

The Avon Board of School Trustees designates time at the start of each monthly meeting to celebrate students and staff for their outstanding academic, extracurricular, and professional achievements.

This month, the Board celebrated Pine Tree Elementary student Victor Haiducu. He submitted an essay on the prompt 'Living In Indiana' to the Indiana Statehood Day Essay Contest and was recognized as a finalist. Victor's essay was in the top 1% of more than 12,000 submissions.

Victor gave us permission to include his essay in this post. Enjoy!

Living In Indiana!
by Victor Haiducu

Do you know why it is great to live in Indiana? Living in Indiana has lots of advantages! Here we have very good schools like mine, great universities which provide interesting learning experiences even for children like me, and many parks where we can go enjoy nature.

Because we have wonderful schools and universities in Indiana, this is a good place to learn science. I want to be an engineer and make planes, and I also want to fly them. I believe that Indiana is the right place for me to do that! I already know a lot about planes and flights. I know how gravity, lift, drag, and thrust work together to lift a plane and keep it in the air. I also can fly dozens of planes on my flight simulators! I love my science classes at my school, and I went to a lot of science events or open houses organized there, or by Indiana, Purdue, and Vincennes Universities to better understand my passion.

My dad, a physics teacher, has a physics show he presents each year to students from Indiana, helping them understand science and how it changes the world. I am part of it, and I share my passion for flying with other students!

I also love living in Indiana because there are a lot of beautiful places where I can play outside. I can run, walk, bike, or enjoy my time with my family in parks and woods, where the air is clean. Every kid in this country would enjoy spending time in Indiana!

I love living in Indiana because here kids like me and I can learn about science in great schools and turn our passions into professions. Also, here we can enjoy beautiful nature and play outside.

Congratulations, Victor. Keep writing!


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