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Episode 058: Support Staff of the Year Sue Misner

Episode 058: Support Staff of the Year Sue Misner

What our teachers do is fantastic, but they couldn't do what they do without ACSC's dedicated support staff — bus drivers, secretaries, instructional assistants, cafeteria workers, and custodians. There are hundreds of hardworking people who do great things for kids to help them be successful.

In this episode, Dr. Wyndham talks with Avon Intermediate School East Instructional Assistant Sue Misner and Principal Brad Bates. We dare you to try not to laugh as you listen to Sue talk about what makes her tick — from her daily 44 oz. Diet Mt. Dew to dancing in the library, from beloved colleagues to the students ("It's always about the students.") - we know you'll agree that Sue is a deserving recipient of the ACSC Support Staff of the Year award.


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