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Episode 37: Avon's 2022 Support Staff of the Year

Each spring, our schools and departments each choose one person to be their Support Staff of the Year. These secretaries, custodians, food service workers, treasurers, and classroom assistants work hard to enable our educators to be able to focus on what they do best, help all students belong, learn, and grow.

This year, Avon High School Principal's Secretary Carol Ayler was chosen from among the 15 honorees to represent Avon Schools as our 2022 Support Staff of the Year. Dr. Wyndham has a conversation with Carol and AHS Principal Matt Shockley. Listen in as Carol describes a day in the life of a secretary at a 3,500-student-strong (and growing!) high school who works for Indiana's only two-time Principal of the Year.

Spoiler alert: No two days are the same, and she can't imagine spending them anywhere else. Learn what brought her to Avon Schools and what keeps her here, serving with such distinction.


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