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Episode 42: Food Insecurity and the Mary Lee Maier Community Pantry

Food insecurity. That's not a topic many people in a seemingly affluent community like Avon think about a lot — especially around the start of the holiday season — but it is a daily reality for many of our neighbors. For that reason, we are so grateful for all the Mary Lee Maier Community Pantry is doing to make sure our students and their families have plenty to eat.

In this episode of the Orioles In-The-Know podcast, Dr. Wyndham talks with Kristi Kerr, Coordinator of the Mary Lee Maier Community Pantry, about their goal that not a single Avon student goes to school hungry. Learn about how the pantry has grown from a few snacks stored in a teacher's desk to a large operation that serves more than 80 families a week and how you can be involved.


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