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Episode 060: Avon Academy's Flying Start

Episode 060: Avon Academy's Flying Start

Avon Academy is a great example of how not only are we growing as a school corporation to serve more students we are also developing programs to provide great opportunities for all our students. Since the first day of school on July 27, Avon Academy - our alternative program for Avon High School students who haven't found success in a traditional setting - has gotten off to a flying start.

Listen in as Superintendent Dr. Scott Wyndham has a conversation with Avon Academy Coordinator Kellie Rodkey and two students who are setting the pace for their peers: Kaleigh, a junior, and Alex, a senior. Learn about the benefits of mastery-based learning, what makes 'draft day' so important, how students remain motivated, what they're planning for the future, and how Avon Academy is helping them get there. Be sure to listen until the end to hear how Mrs. Rodkey talks about how proud she is of Kaleigh and Alex and how you can help Avon Academy students succeed.


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