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Episode 066: Area 31 Career Center

Episode 066: Area 31 Career Center

Many people in and around Avon Community School Corporation may have heard about our partnership with the Area 31 Career Center, but they may not know much about how deep and meaningful the connection is or the many ways Area 31 is inspiring students and preparing them for their futures.

Listen in on the conversation as Dr. Wyndham visits Area 31 and talks with seniors Alexis and William and Director of Career and Technical Education Dr. Patrick Biggerstaff. According to Dr. Biggerstaff, "Our goal is to get [students prepared] so that when they graduate they are confident and prepared to meaningfully contribute in our community in a place of employment that is of interest to them." You'll enjoy discovering some of the many ways the work Area 31 does for students lifts up our entire community.


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